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Perfectly Personalized Relaxation

For over 20 years, the Bullfrog JetPak Therapy System has helped customers design their perfect hot tub experience with a personalized feel. You select your favorite massages. You place them in your favorite seats. You dial in the therapy intensity so it feels best for you. Compared to all other brands, there is simply no comparison for a truly personalized hot tub experience.
Contact or visit Glacier Pools Supplies and Spas to design your perfect Bullfrog Spa.

Zero Pipes and Tubes = More Power

The patented Bullfrog JetPak Therapy System helps you design your perfect hot tub experience with a personalized feel. Choose between 17 uniquely different hydrotherapy massages. You place them in your favorite seats and switch them around from seat to seat as you like. Each JetPak has a control dial so you control the intensity of the therapy so it feels best for you. Because there is less plumbing, there is less resistance for more power. Make the JetPak seat as strong as you want it or gentle and relaxing as needed. There is simply no comparison for a truly personalized hot tub experience.
Up to 90% fewer pipes = up to 100% more power.

More Relaxation Options

Bullfrog Spas gives you more ways to personalize your spa than any other brand today. With 17 JetPak choices, a perfectly personalized hot tub means you’ll feel better in a spa that is set up just for you. Let the hot tub experts at Glacier assist in you selecting the perfect JetPaks for you. Bullfrog’s bio-engineered JetPak massages provide the right therapy exactly where you need it. So, where do you want relief? Simply choose the JetPak that fits.


Made in the USA to Last a Lifetime. EnduraFrame is the 100% wood-free, lifetime, hot tub structure


Built like no other hot tub, the long-lasting design of the entire spa foundation makes your Bullfrog Spa a lifetime value. The patented EnduraBase™ is a molded ABS plastic base made without wood or metal so it will not rot or corrode like other brands. The molded base has three convenient electrical chaseways, a retractable exterior drain for easy access, and a rodent screen to keep out unwanted visitors.


Bullfrogs Spas robotic assisted construction allows for a perfect build every time. The patented EnduraFrame™ supports are injection-molded Z-beams that create an exact connection between the base, shell, and cabinet. These injection-molded components are stronger than a traditional wood cabinet and will last much longer than a metal frame that can rust. This future of hot tubs is now.


Quality drives every decision at Bullfrog Spas. Even components that you do not see, like the patented EnduraFrame™ support columns, are created with laser precision. These supports are added in high-usage areas to strengthen overall spa integrity and to create an exact match for the spa structure with the rest of the spa. By now, a wooden framed hot tub has become yesterday’s standard.

Bullfrog Does More with Less

This spa is a fully plumbed Bullfrog Spa

Spa-ghetti? This spa shows how a traditional hot tub is plumbed

Leak Proof Hot Tub

The patented “LeakGuard” design of Bullfrog Spas with JetPak technology ensures that you remain relaxed, not aggravated or worrying about leaks in your hot tub. Bullfrog Spas have up to 90% less plumbing and fewer holes underneath the spa than traditional spas. If a Bullfrog JetPak does happen to develop a leak, the water will stay in the spa rather than escaping. Jets are fitted into removable JetPaks instead of being drilled into the spa shell. The hot tub remains free of holes and, consequently, watertight!


Made in the USA to Last a Lifetime. EnduraFrame is the 100% wood-free, lifetime, hot tub structure.
EnduraFrame is the 100% wood-free, Bullfrog Spas is the leader in energy saving technology. They manufacture the most energy efficient spas in the world. The “EnergySave” design insulates the spa completely to prevent heat escape. With JetPak® technology, heat is recycled in the spa because the plumbing stays immersed in the hot water. Every single Bullfrog Spa model meets or exceeds the stringent energy guidelines of California Energy Commission (CEC). Compare Bullfrog with other spas to see the savings. It’s amazing. With the superior energy efficiency, you will enjoy keeping extra money each month almost as much as you will enjoy relaxing in your spa. Bullfrog Spas are different. Up to 90% of the plumbing is on the JetPak, submerged in the hot water so any heat from water in the plumbing transfers to the spa water rather than being lost to the cold outside environment. Bullfrog Spas also recycle energy by using warm air from the equipment compartment to help to heat the water in the spa, rather than using cold outside air, as is the case with many other spas. These unique energy-saving features will keep monthly power bills surprisingly low and will keep you relaxed and worry free! Innovation in engineering and technology separate Bullfrog Spas from all other brands.

Heat from JetPak plumbing transfers directly into the hot spa water, recycling energy. Bullfrog Spas are fully foam insulated.

Heat from plumbing escapes under the spa and is wasted. This spa has no foam insulation.

No Water Left Unturned

With 90% less plumbing than a traditional hot tub brand, Bullfrog is able to turn more water with less effort. 100% of the water in a Bullfrog Spa goes through the dual filter WellSpring Filtration System in each filtration cycle. With Bullfrog latest innovation, this even includes the water behind each JetPak. To make sure that all of the water in a Bullfrog Spas is filtered, special circulation jets are installed on the back of every JetPak that circulate the water behind each JetPak to ensure that all areas of your Bullfrog Spas stay fresh and clean.
In addition to the circulation provided behind each JetPak, Bullfrog’s JetPak Therapy System design is a more efficient system which means the water is turned over (cleaned) more than 10 times as frequently as the industry standard with less energy used in the process. The result is sparkling clean water with less effort than any other brand. By now, you can see and feel the difference.

Efficient Filtration with Less Noise

Don’t want your peaceful quiet of a starry night interrupted with a noisy jet pump heating your water. Bullfrog Spa’s WellSpring Filtration Pump lets you filter your spa water without the noise or high costs. The WellSpring Filtration Pump is a quiet and vibration-free circulation pump that is more than 8 times as effective at filtering spa water than standard circulation pumps. Moving an astonishing 35 gallons (130 liters) per minute, this pump can push every ounce of water through the dual filters in excess of 160 times per day. The more times your water goes through the filter, the cleaner your water.
How does Bullfrog achieve lower energy cost than other top spa manufacturers? The WellSpring Filtration Pump is one part of the energy saving water care system. This pump can do the job of keeping your water clean in significantly fewer operating hours. This leads to an average savings of 60% in filtration energy costs (6,060 gallons per kilowatt vs. 3,480 gallons per kilowatt). Because the pump is larger, it will also operate cooler and more efficiently.

Chemistry You Can Count On

Ozone is one the strongest water purifiers in the world. Bullfrog Spas Plasma Gap System process to create Ozone gas (active oxygen) is colorless and consists of three oxygen atoms. This type of production creates a more pure form of Ozone, O3, than other types on the market. Another cost saving benefit to using Bullfrog system is that It can last up to 10 years vs other brands using UV light systems than quickly degrade with reduced output over the course of a year and typically needs to be replaced after 12 months. Choose a WellSpring Ozone Purifier with your Bullfrog Spa to keep sparkling fresh spa water without the maintenance. Using ozone will also greatly reduce your chemical costs associated with maintaining spa water chemistry.


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